Shop these 15 desk fans to keep your cool on the job

2022-10-24 22:20:09 By : Ms. Julia Huang

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When summer hits, things can get a little sticky. We’re not talking about your hands after eating a juicy piece of watermelon, either: We’re talking about your back, neck and legs while putting in long hours at the office. To stay cool at work, you need a desk fan. Bladeless Fan

Shop these 15 desk fans to keep your cool on the job

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These small fans for office desks move air around, creating nice white noise for maximum productivity, all while keeping you cool and alert. We’re not alone in our love, either: Thousands of people have rated and reviewed their favorite desk fans on sites like Amazon, all in service of helping buyers discern which fan companies’ claims aren’t just a bunch of hot air.

Here are 15 desk fans you need for your home or work office space.

Gaiatop’s desk fan is small, quiet, and adjustable. You can choose from three different wind speeds and the fan is USB-powered. You can also take it in the car if you’re working on the go, or even plop it down on the table if you’re using your laptop at a coffee shop. Don’t worry about your woodwork, either: The fan’s base has two rubber pads to reduce noise and vibration, as well as to prevent scratches on your table or desk.

Get the Gaiatop USB Desk Fan from Amazon starting at $9

Vornado fans have are a "fan favorite" among reviewers for the fresh design, adjustable heads and colorful presence. The fans feature multi-directional airflow, manual swivel base and a high-gloss finish that's ultra-slick. If you don’t want your fan out in the world all the time, you can always flip it out of sight, leaving just a cool looking mystery machine perched on your desk. Flippi is backed by a three-year hassle-free warranty. 

Get the Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan on Amazon for $18 

This mid-century modern option offers all the perks and convenience of a USB desk fan, while also looking nice. The safe, soft touch blades are made of foam and the fan’s blend of white and wood surfaces gives it a touch of class. It’s got two-speed touch control, comes with an A/C converter and has non-marring slip-resistant feet that keep your desk looking stock. It comes in two sizes: small (5.5-inches tall) and medium (8-inches tall).

Get the Sharper Image SBS1-SI Small Personal USB Fan on Amazon for $17

The Ottlite’s Super Bright LED Desk Lamp with Coolbreez Fan is a compact choice for small office desks. The two-in-one lamp-fan offers three color modes for the light (warm, cool, and natural daylight), four brightness settings and three different fan speeds that are easy to manage using the touch activated control panel.

At its widest, the base is just under five inches and the lamp head pivots up, down and side to side, meaning you can move it to where you need light most.

Get Ottlite Super Bright LED Desk Lamp with Coolbreez Fan from Bed Bath & Beyond for $84

The Axis 12 Desktop Airbar Tower fan from Sharper Image has a thin, space-saving design that blasts a steady stream of cool air in your direction. Select from three wind speeds using the fan’s touch-sensitive controls. The fan uses a quiet, energy-efficient motor, so you can use this fan while you're on video call. There’s no assembly required and the fan has a 360-degree pivoting head for max comfort.

Get the Sharper Image Axis 12 Desktop Airbar Tower Fan from Bed Bath & Beyond for $15

For a rechargeable desk fan, check out the Viniper Battery-operated USB Portable Office Fan. Plug it into a USB port for nonstop air or unplug it and take it on the go, where it can spin for up to 24 hours depending on which of the fan’s three speeds you choose. 

Amazon reviewers appreciate the versatility this fan offers, noting uses for everything from menopause-related hot flashes to an overnight shift as a parking lot-based security guard. The fan’s 180-degree rotation means you can swivel it wherever you want, and it’s portable enough that you can tuck it into any reasonably sized bag. 

Get the Viniper Battery-operated USB Portable Office Fan on Amazon for $18

A multi-functional fan that’s also a desk lamp, pen holder and phone stand, Trekoo’s desk fan does it all. The design is idea for dorm rooms or bedroom workspaces and the flexible gooseneck means you can pivot the light or fan to whatever angle works best for you. At low speed, the fan can run for about 14 hours but even at high speed, you’ll get five hours of continuous air movement before the fan peters out using the included rechargeable battery. 

Get the Trekoo Desk Fan Lamp Combo on Amazon for $20

With its twin turbo blades, Fancii’s portable cyclone fan offers great air circulation while still offering a fairly stylish look. It’s so small it fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s shorter than the average iPhone. The fan’s makers claim that it’s 25 percent quieter and 40 percent more powerful than similar models. Since it’s USB powered, it’s relatively portable, as long as you have somewhere to plug it in, making it a great desk fan to travel with.

Get the Fancii Small Personal Desk USB Fan on Amazon for $16

EasyAcc’s open metal mesh fan offers a lovely retro design. Available in both bronze and black electroplated metal, the USB-powered fan has two wind speeds, 360-degree rotation and soft silicone feet to help reduce noise. Even on its highest setting, the fan uses 2.5 watts of energy every hour, meaning you’ll get maximum bang for your energy buck. The fan shouldn't rust and the throwback design will remain stylish for years to come. EasyAcc offers a two-year guarantee, including free returns and full refunds.

Get the EasyAcc 6-inch USB Desk Fan on Amazon for $17

This minimalist desk fan is a great example of high-end industrial design at a reasonable price point. The fan’s open chrome frame contains black soft touch blades that offer multi-directional airflow while still looking beautiful. There are two speed settings activated by a one-touch button and the USB-powered fan comes with a 6-foot cable and 5V wall adapter.

Get the Sharper Image SBM1-SI USB Fan with Soft Blades on Amazon for $13

Up and down all day, even on the job? EasyAcc’s folding hand-held fan could be your perfect pick. With its rechargeable battery and USB compatibility, the folding fan can be used both at a desk and on the move. Tuck away the handles and put it down, or fold them out and feel the cool breeze hit your face. The fan can work for up to 10 hours on one charge and comes in six colors.

Get the EasyAcc Mini Handheld Fan on Amazon for $19

Vornado’s Pivot 3U whole-room air circulator has a customizable disc base that allows you to add your own personal touch to your fan. Throw it under the protective cover, and your fan will match your room perfectly. You can swap out pics of family and friends, wallpaper samples or just cool designs you find online. The Pivot 3U can push air up to 45 feet and comes with a five-year satisfaction guarantee.

Get the Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan on Amazon for $20

Workspace lacking desk space—or maybe even a desk, altogether? WiHoo’s flexible tripod fan could be for you. This small fan is set atop three flexible metal and silicon legs that can be bent to any angle you want. Just twist and turn them, wrap them around a bar, or lean the fan up against a corner and you’re good to go. 

This USB-powered fan would be great for warehouses, standing spaces, non-traditional offices, or anywhere that needs a little air circulation. Many parents like to hook it on strollers, too!

Get the WiHoo Mini Handheld Fan from Amazon for $24

Love the idea of a USB fan but hate the idea of yet another cord cluttering up your desk? Consider Arctic’s Breeze Mobile, which is a gooseneck fan attached right to a USB plug. It only has one fan speed and claims to operates in “total silence" making it a good choice when it comes to affordable desk fans for small spaces. 

Get the Arctic Breeze Mini USB Desktop Fan with Flexible Neck on Amazon for $10

EasyAcc’s folding flat fan has a sharp and futuristic design that folds up flat, making it easy tucked away on any desk. There’s no low-medium-high with this fan, just a continuous dial that change the fan’s blade speeds.You can choose the speed that’s exactly right for you at any given moment. Back from a walk around the block at lunch? Crank it up. Co-worker opened a window? Dial it back. Buyers love this fan’s versatility and convenience.

EasyAcc Store Portable Desktop Battery Operated Fan on Amazon for $21

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Shop these 15 desk fans to keep your cool on the job

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