2021 Global and China Automotive Smart Cockpit Design Market Report: Cockpit displays are not limited to multi-screens and large screens, 3D screens and high-definition screens are also emerging

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Dublin, November 5, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-The report "2021 Global and China Automotive Smart Cockpit Design Trends Report" has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's products.

The HMI UI interface design of the car is changing according to the practical function. With more and more functions, smart cars are getting smarter, and the underlying data is becoming more and more abundant.

In the future, interface interaction will be more concise, 3D intuitive, younger, transparent, digital, symbolic, flat, etc. In June 2020, Zebra Zhixing released the Venus Intelligent System, whose UI interface adopts the design concept of AB parallel world. World A uses the "map as a desktop", while World B uses a waterfall layout. Users can intuitively find frequently used functions on the interface, and even set the display interface to what they want.

MBUX Hyperscreen can display the personalized functions that users want on the main interface of the middle screen at an appropriate time, realizing "zero-layer" operation, without scrolling or turning pages, bringing a relaxed and caring HMI experience.

Innovation and breakthroughs in UI interface design are inseparable from the development of HMI design tools. In terms of HMI design and development tools, many companies have released the latest products. Recently, HMI design and development tools have the characteristics of multi-platform, multi-algorithm, reusable software framework, and 3D interface design. In addition, with the creation of the third space of the smart cockpit and the continuous improvement of entertainment, technology HMI design companies such as online game companies such as Eptic Games have entered the automotive market.

Through the fusion application of AI, smart atmosphere lights, smart face materials, fragrance systems, smart seats and other products and technologies, voice, AI assistant, face recognition, gestures, face, fingerprint, vital signs detection and other HMI technologies and models Already available in cars.

The intelligent cockpit has certain HMI experience and scene-based capabilities, and the cockpit scene interaction is more intelligent, emotional, and human. The HiPhi X, which will be mass-produced and delivered in 2021, can recognize the driver's expression, voice, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, breathing rate, etc. through 52 biosensors, and then adjust the music and temperature, or take over the vehicle in a dangerous situation.

At CES 2021, Samsung demonstrated a digital cockpit equipped with Automotive Samsung Health, which uses a combination of cameras installed on the vehicle and wearable and mobile devices to analyze the health of passengers before boarding. In the car, it also regularly monitors the stress level of passengers and adjusts the vehicle's lights, smell or music to help them relax.

The HMI design concept with "user experience" as the core, through AI, in-car and out-of-car perception technology, HMI is developing from basic functional perception interaction to cognitive active interaction.

The main topics include: 1 Design ideas and trends of car smart cockpit 1.1 Current status of smart cockpit design layout 1.1.1 Overview of car smart cockpit 1.1.2 Development characteristics of car smart cockpit 1.1.3 Development trend of car cockpit 1.1.4 Cockpit main new models released in 2021 Configuration: Concept model 1.1.5 Main newly released models in 2020 Cockpit configuration: Concept model 1.2 Development trend of car smart cockpit design 2 Trend of car smart cockpit display design 2.1 Current status of cockpit display design 2.1. 1 Cockpit display layout 2.1.2 Current status of cockpit display design 2.1.3 Main company cockpit display business layout 2.1.4 Cockpit cluster display development direction 2.1.5 Main company cluster display business layout 2.1.6 Status of cockpit HUD 2.1.7 Main company AR- HUD business layout 2.1.8 AID-holographic aerial intelligent display system 2.2 Cockpit display design trends 3 Automotive smart cockpit HMI design trends 3.1 Automotive cockpit HMI design status 3.1.1 Overview of automotive HMI 3.1.2 Development history of automotive HMI model 3.1.3 Domestic Main HMI models of foreign OEMs 3.1.4 Automotive HMI design models 3.1.5 Automotive human-machine interface design process 3.1.6 Automotive human-machine interface development process 3.1.7 Automotive human-computer interface design framework 3.1.8 Automotive human-computer interaction design principles 3.1 .9 Tools required for automotive human-machine interface design 3.1.10 Human-machine interface design integrated software tools Major companies 3.1.11 HMI design suppliers for major OEMs 3.1.12 HMI design suppliers for major models 3.2 Cockpit HMI design trends 3.3 Main supplies Commercial cockpit HMI design 3.3.1 ThunderSoft 3.3.2 CANDERA 3.3.3 Altia 3.3.4 Qt Design 3.3.4 Qt Design 5 Elektrobit (EB) 3.3.6 Neusoft HMI Design 3.3.7 Valeo 3.3.8 Visteon HMI 3.3.9 Bosch HMI 3.3.10 Faurecia HMI 4 Automotive Smart Surface Application Design Trend 4.1 Smart Surface Technology Overview 4.1.1 Smart Surface Overview 4.1.2 Features 4.1.3 Smart Surface Composition 4.1.4 Smart Surface Technology: Decorative Film Forming Process 4.1.5 Main Supply Smart Surface Products 4.1.6 Smart Surface Industry Chain 4.2 Smart Surface Technology Design Trend 4.3 Smart Surface Application Cases 4.4 Smart Surface Technology Main Solution Supplier 4.4.1 Covestro 4.4.2 Canatu 4.4.3 TactoTek 4.4.4 Yanfeng Automotive interiors 4.4.5 Continental 5 Application and design trends of environmental lights in smart cockpits 5.1 Overview of the development of interior environmental lights 5. In-vehicle environmental light trends 5.3 In-vehicle environmental light interaction cases 6 Automotive smart tactile feedback technology application trends 6.1 Automotive Overview of the development of haptic feedback 6.2 Major automotive haptic feedback suppliers 6.2.1 Tanvas 6.2.2 Boreas 6.2.4 Continental 6.2.5 Others Bosch haptic feedback technology Joyson Electronic haptic feedback technology 7 Other emerging cockpits Interactive technology 7.1 Diversified interactive steering wheel design 7.2 Maximum space utilization 7.3 Car sound effects 7.4 Smart and healthy cockpit layout

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