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Delta announces the update of two products from its portfolio, including version V3.7 of its DIAView SCADA software, which further improves the integration of IIoT applications into existing systems and makes programming even easier. It is also adding new Industrial Panel PCs (PPCs) to the DIAVH series that deliver significantly improved performance, featuring 8 GB of RAM as an add-on to the previous 4 GB. “Delta PPC and DIAView V3.7 are stronger together and the ideal combination of high-performance software and hardware,” says Ufuk Özer, Product Manager at Delta. “The two solutions help companies optimize their control and supervision functions for industrial applications and operations based on the collection and analysis of data. This perfectly coordinated team boosts both efficiency and productivity,” he adds. Simpler IIoT integration and push notifications via WhatsApp DIAView is an established SCADA software solution used by mechanical engineers, system integrators, HMI experts and developers of customized project solutions, among others. Enabling even easier integration with IIoT environments, the new features of version V3.7 really come into their own in industries that require centralized production line monitoring, such as timber processing, food & beverage production and the automotive sector. Besides enhanced scalability and an integrated database, another particular benefit for users is the extensive programmability with less effort. Furthermore, users are now directly informed about critical situations both quickly and simply via a brief notification or an instant messaging application (such as WhatsApp). Multitasking for various industry applications The PPC models in Delta’s DIAVH series are suitable for a variety of production environments. These energy-saving, reliable and fanless high-performance embedded industrial computers have a robust case made from a high-density aluminum alloy for effective heat dissipation. They are often used in conjunction with SCADA – by system integrators, for instance, or by developers for special industrial applications. To meet the associated exacting performance requirements, including the simultaneous operation of several production-relevant programs in applications such as rubber production or the manufacture of photovoltaic systems, the new PPC models boast with 8 GB of RAM. Moreover, customers have a free choice when it comes to the operating system. They can opt for a system that is included in the scope of supply or modify an existing system in line with their particular requirements. In addition, the front panel is certified to protection class IP65 and is therefore protected from dust, oil and other non-corrosive materials.

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