3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor

3 Phase Ac Servo Motor 220V 130Mm 1Kw 10Nm 1000Rpm Cnc Servo MotorAC Servo Motor Driver Data Sheet  Servo motor parameters tablecategorymodelparameterDriver configuration model    40series(220V)XK-40AEA010300.32NM 100W 3000rpmXKM-30A    60series

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3 Phase Ac Servo Motor 220V 130Mm 1Kw 10Nm 1000Rpm Cnc Servo Motor
3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor Driver Data Sheet
 3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor
Servo motor parameters table
categorymodelparameterDriver configuration model
40series(220V)XK-40AEA010300.32NM 100W 3000rpmXKM-30A
60series(220V)XK-60AEA020300.637NM 200W 3000rpmXKM-30A
60series(220V)XK-60AEA040301.27NM 400W 3000rpmXKM-30A
60series(220V)XK-60AEA060301.91NM 600W 3000rpmXKM-30A
80series(220V)XK-80AEA040301.27NM 400W 3000rpmXKM-30A
80series(220V)XK-80AEA075302.39NM 750W 3000rpmXKM-30A
80series(220V)XK-80AEA073203.5NM 730W 2000rpmXKM-30A
80series(220V)XK-80AEA100254NM 1.0KW 2500rpmXKM-30A
90series(220V)XK-90AEA075302.39NM 750W 3000rpmXKM-30A
90series(220V)XK-90AEA073203.5NM 730W 2000rpmXKM-30A
90series(220V)XK-90AEA100254NM 1.0KW 2500rpmXKM-30A
110series(220V)XK-110AEA060302NM 600W 3000rpmXKM-30A
110series(220V)XK-110AEA120304NM 1.2KW 3000rpmXKM-30A
110series(220V)XK-110AEA150305NM 1.5KW 3000rpmXKM-30A
110series(220V)XK-110AEA120206NM 1.2KW 2000rpmXKM-30A

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l No.VoltagePower(w)Rated TorqueRated SpeedEncoder WireMotor LengthShaft DIA(mm)adapter Driver
Model No.VoltagePower(w)Rated TorqueRated SpeedEncoder WireMotor LengthShaft DIA(mm)adapter Driver
Model no.Rated Voltage(V)Output Power(w)Rated Torque(N.m)Rated Speed(RPM)EncoderMotor Length(mm)Shaft DIA(mm)Matched Driver
Model No.VoltagePower(w)Rated TorqueRated SpeedEncoder WireMotor LengthShaft DIA(mm)adapter Driver
Driver profile

3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor
Low temperature environment: 0 ~ 40 ºC; Working environment temperature: below 80% (no condensation).
Low temperature storage environment: - 40 ~ 50 ºC; Storage environment humidity: below 80% (no condensation).
Vibration: 0.5g below.
Places with good ventilation, low humidity and dust.
Corrosive, pyrogenic gas, oil and gas, cutting fluid, iron powder and other environments.
Places free of moisture and direct sunlight.
Installation method
Horizontal installation: to prevent water, oil and other liquids from flowing into the motor from the outgoing end, please place the cable outlet below.
Vertical mounting: if the motor shaft is mounted upward and attached to the reducer, pay attention to and prevent oil stains inside the reducer from infiltrating through the motor shaft
Motor interior.
The protrusion of motor shaft should be sufficient, if it is not enough, it will easily vibrate when the motor moves.

When installing and disassembling motor, do not knock motor with hammer. Otherwise, it may cause damage to motor shaft and encoder.

Installation environment conditions
1.Working environment: 0 ~ and ºC;working environment: less than 80% (no condensation)
2.Storage environment temperature:- ºC; Storage environment humidity: 80% of the (no condensation)
3.Vibration: Below 0.5 G
4.Well ventilated, less moisture and dust place

5.No corrosive, flash gas, oil and gas, cuttingfluid, iron powder and so on environment
6.No moisture and direct sunlight place

Installation method
1.Level installation:to avoid liquids such as water, oil from motor wire end into the motor internal, please will cable outlet inbelow
2.Vertical installation: if the motor shaft and the installation with reduction unit, must pay attention to and prevent reducer in mark through the motor shaft into the motor internal
3.The motor shaft out quantitymust be thoroughly, if insufficient out to motor sports generates vibration
4.Installation and remove the motor, please do not use hammer knock motor, otherwise easy to cause damage to themotor shaft and encoder

The motor direction of rotation
Looking from the motor load on the motor shaft and counterclockwise (CCW) for the forward, clockwise (the CW) as the reverse

Frequently asked questions:
1. The servo motor driver is sinusoidal driving
2. Al-29 alarm: the brake resistance is not solid, please check the connection again
3. By default, the servo motor is 220V with a high voltage. If it needs to be replaced with 380V, it needs to add 550 yuan. The servo motor above 110 can be made of 380V high voltage.

4. The servo defaults to 1000 pulses per circuit /4 times the frequency
5. The servo driver can be adjusted by conducting at 13 and 25 angles

6. Add 300 yuan to the absolute value of the servo motor and 500 yuan to the high voltage (only 11/130 servo can change the high voltage)

7. Absolute value servo 131,072 pulses per circuit

8. The servo motor power line specification is 2.0, and the servo motor encoder line specification is 1.0

9. The braking torque of the servo motor is about 3 times of the rated torque

10. For internal control of servo motor, change PN003 to 0

11. Brake resistance action of servo motor: it can guarantee the servo motor's emergency stop, positive and negative turn and other functions are effective, and it can absorb heat and prevent overcurrent and other problems. Price 20 yuan

12. The software supporting the upper computer of the servo driver can only realize real-time control and cannot save the program. Using the external 485 serial port requires the customer to provide the software, we do not provide.

13. The type of servo motor driving insert is the matching gran head

The input powerSingle phase or three phase AC220V -15~+10% 50/60Hz
environmenttemperatureUsing: 0~55ºC Storage: -20ºC~80ºC
humidityBelow 90% RH No dewing
vibrationBelown0.5G(4.9m/S2),10-60 no continue running
Control mode1 Torque mode (internal or external)
2 speed mode (internal or external)
3 Position mode (internal orexternal)
4 Position/velocity model
5 Position/torque model
6 Speed/torque model
Control inputservo enables,alarm reset,
Forward driving is prohibited,
Reverse driving is prohibited ,
External forward torque is limited ,
external reverse torque is limited,
Emergency stop,
Zero speed clamp ,
1 Internal speed command option 1,
2 Internal speed command option 2
3 Internal speed command option 3,
1 The internal torque command option 1
2 The internal torque command option 2
Control mode switch,
Gain switch,
1 Electronic gear molecular option 1,
2 Electronic gear molecular option 2,Instructions for,
Position deviation to clear,
Pulse input is prohibited,
Proportional control,
The origin return to trigger,
The origin return reference point.
1 Internal location option 1,
2 Internal location option 2,
Trigger internal position command,
Suspend internal position command
Control the outputAlarm detection,
Servo ready,
Emergency stop checked out,
Positioning to complete,
Speed to reach,
Reach the predetermined torque,
Zero speed detection,
Servo motor current,
Electromagnetic brake,
The origin return to complete,
Located close to,
torque limit,
speed limit,
Tracking arrive torque command
The encoder feedback2500p/r,15 line increment model, differential output
Communication modeRS-232 OR RS-485
Display and operation1.five LED display 2.Four buttons
Braking wayThrough the internal/external braking resistance braking energy
Cooling wayAir cooled (heat transfer film, the strong cold wind fan)
Power range≤7.5KW
3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor
AC Servo Motor Application

3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor
3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor

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3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor
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3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor

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3 Phase AC Servo Motor 220V 130mm 1kw 10nm 1000rpm CNC Servo Motor

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