Best Penis Extenders UK 2022

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Best Penis Extenders UK 2022

Feeling self-conscious or less than satisfied about the size of your penis? You are not alone. Most men worry about their wang dimensions at one time or another. But while it's perfectly normal to hanker after a bit more girth in the trouser department, if anxiety about the size of your manhood occupies your every waking thought, it can start to impact your relationships, your mood and your sex life.

So, is there a legitimate way to increase your penis size without waking up in an ice bath with an empty bank account? The good news is there are several products on the market which can give you the illusion of a large member without going under the knife. Keep scrolling for our guide to the best penis extenders in 2022.

If the size of your shlong is keeping you up at night for all the wrong reasons, it's worth knowing how your counterparts measure up. According to research, the average penis size in the United Kingdom is in fact 13.13cm (5.17in), so the Brits are a decidedly average bunch. And provided you can still gain pleasure (and pee), you should stop worrying.

If you feel distressed about the size of your penis to the extent that it impacts your daily life, before you start buying snake oil off the black market, please speak to a professional. Your mental health is more important than anything in your pants! But if you are simply looking to experiment, keep scrolling...

The clue is in the name. ‘A penis extender is a device that can be worn to make the penis longer and/or wider,’ says Ness Cooper, Clinical Sexologist for Lovehoney, and sex and relationships coach at The Sex Consultant. Having said that, there are a number of different devices available, so it pays to do your research.

Wearable sleeves are the most straightforward penis extension device. They won’t impact your actual penis size, but they will give you a temporary increase, which can be enjoyable for both you and your partner while allowing you to experience the feel of a larger shlong. Some extension sleeves are also textured for extra sensation. Just don't forget the lube.

‘Penis extension sleeves are wearable sleeves that are a bit like slipping a hollow dildo over the penis shaft to allow the wearer extra size,’ explains Ness. 'Sometimes these stay in place by looping around the balls, and other extension sleeves are worn in a harness to keep them over the penis shaft during various sexual positions.'

Also known as penis rings, these are typically a ring-shaped sex toy designed to fit snugly around the base of your shlong. Restricting blood flow can lead to stronger, harder erections and give the illusion of a large member. For some this sensation can also delay ejaculation and prolong sex sessions, so they're particularly good for men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Traction gadgets differ, as they are designed to stretch your member. ‘These are a more medical-seeming device and aren’t designed to be worn during penetrative sex,' explains Ness. 'They are more of a daily routine to be worn throughout the day that may lead to changes in penis size.'

If you're after a quick fix, penis pumps are a popular alternative. ‘While penis pumps aren’t extenders, some individuals do find that the extra blood flow in the penis shaft before sex helps them maintain a larger and stronger erection.’

While penis extension sleeves and pumps have proven to be popular, admittedly the research into traction extenders is lacking. So, while anecdotally some users have reported growth, we cannot confirm or deny if they actually work.

‘Penile traction devices often marketed as penis extenders or enlargers have very little supporting evidence towards changes in the shape and size of the penis,’ says Ness. ‘One study showed that users had to use one of these devices for over five hours a day for six months just to gain a 0.8cm increase! That’s some devotion and time for a device that doesn’t sit neatly under clothing or swings comfortably along with your shlong.’

If you’re on the fence about messing with what god gave you, we’d recommend experimenting with a sleeve or a penis pump for a temporary fix.

Worn for any length of time, penis extension devices can become uncomfortable, so proceed with caution.

‘Many recommending the use of these devices based on studies have only seen results when wearing for extended hours per day. However, this can also have negative effects on the penis by resulting in numbness, and even inflammation and painful swelling,’ warns Ness.

‘It’s likely that these unwanted effects occur due to restriction and rubbing of the rings of the traction device as the penis hardens and softens throughout daily wear. If this is the case, a different-sized device may work better,’ she adds.

From the knobbliest sleeves to the most powerful pumps, we put the best penis extenders through their paces...

If you've always craved a meatier member but you're not sure how big you want to go, this six piece penis sleeve set is a great place to start. It includes four different shlong sizes so you can experiment until you find the sleeve that fits. Choose from extra length, extra girth, or a gloriously knobbly exterior to stimulate your partner. And there's even a built in bullet if you're after some extra buzz. Just remember to use plenty of lube.

Type: Penis extension sleeve What's included: 4 penis sleeves, 1 adjustable cock ring and 1 vibrating bullet.

Discover how it feels to own an eight inch shlong for real with this hollow strap-on, complete with vibrations that tingle along the shaft. The great thing about this device is you can slip it onto your penis and enjoy a hands-free hammering session with your beloved, and then switch it up if you fancy a light pegging. As always, lube is essential.

Type: Hollow strap-on penis What's included: 8-inch dildo with strap, remote control, 2 x AA batteries not included.

This cock ring 3-pack is designed to restrict blood flow to boost your penis-power and give you a stronger, harder and larger erection in the process. It can be worn in different combinations around either just your shaft or your balls too, so have a play around to see what works and prepare for a long night of pleasure.

Type: Cock ring set What's included: Set of 3 stretchy cock rings in sizes 1.2, 1.45 and 1.6 inches.

Fans of anal play with love this clever penis sleeve that doubles up as a butt plug. Simply slip it onto your shaft, pop the rounded plug into your anus and the entire thing holds firmly in place while you set about ploughing joyfully into your lover. Thanks to defined veins along the silicone shaft it looks and feels like a real penis while the plug will probe your prostate delightfully.

Type: Penis extension sleeve and butt plug What's included: 8 inch silicone sleeve with 1.5 inch diameter butt plug.

If you suspect your partner secretly craves the feel of a big dick but is too polite to say, make their day with this textured penis sleeve two pack. It will add extra length and girth to your member while the knobbled shaft will feel incredible for the receiver. Choose between a ridged or a bobbled sleeve and enjoy watching your hefty meat thrust into your beloved through the clear silicone.

Type: Penis extension sleeve What's included: Set of 2 textured penis sleeves.

Like we said, the research is lacking when it comes to traction devices. But sex toy brand Bondara maintain that this slide loaded extender will lead to cellular growth and lifelong penile gains. We can't promise that it will boost your cock size, but we're willing to bet that experimenting with it will be great fun. You should avoid using it during penetrative sex, but if the idea of slipping your naughty penis into a stretching device appeals, a world of pleasure awaits you. And if it does make your cock bigger in the process? Bonus!

Type: Penis traction device What's included: Penis extender, 2 tubes, 8 extra extenders, 2 straps and 1 foam comfort strip.

If you struggle to maintain an erection and you long for a rock hard cock you'll love this penis pump set. It works by gradually increasing suction in the chamber to expand your erectile tissue, leading to increased blood flow and a meatier peen. While the size increase is not usually a permanent state of affairs, using a penis pump can help maintain and strengthen your erection long enough for you to enjoy a good sex session. Or if you simply enjoy the feeling of extreme suction? It works a treat for solo play too. And if this floats your boat, check out our round-up of the best penis pumps too.

Type: Penis pump What's included: Plastic pump plus 4 silicone constriction rings.

Sure penis sleeves are great if you fancy some extra girth, but why stop there? Transform your member into a ginormous vibrating Rabbit sex toy complete with clitoral stimulating bunny ears and vag tingly textures along its shaft, and your girl will never let you leave the house again.

Type: Penis extension sleeve What's included: Plastic pump plus 4 silicone constriction rings.

Looking for a couple of extra inches? This subtle penis sleeve is designed to create the illusion of a longer, thicker cock without too much fanfare. And the ball strap that keeps everything in place is also a nice touch. But what really sets this sleeve apart is the fact that it's internally ribbed for extra stimulation along your shaft, so you can enjoy a bigger dick and get a nice cock massage in the process. Win-win.

Type: Penis extension sleeve What's included: 6.1 inch ribbed tunnel with ball strap.

It would be remiss of us to talk about cock rings without adding a vibrating version into the mix, and this brilliant gadget from Swedish sex tech pioneers Lelo is leagues ahead in the rock hard erection department. It will grip your penis in all the right places so you can feel firmer and larger. And best of all it vibrates, sending precision-focused stimulation direct to your partner's clitoris for shared orgasms all round. We'll take the lot.

Type: Vibrating cock ring What's included: Cock ring, USB charging cable and satin storage pouch.

Aesthetically speaking this is the closest penis sleeve on our list to the real thing. Thanks to its skin-like feel with realistic looking veins popping out, it will give you an extra five extra inches of man meat in an instant and you can truly imagine how it feels to be hung like Mark Wahlberg. Simply pop it onto your shlong, stretch the ball loop with your fingers and pretend you're starring in Boogie Nights.

Best Penis Extenders UK 2022

Dildos Type: Penis extension sleeve What's included: Real-feel penis extender who 1.5 inches of extra length. Choose from flesh brown or pink and prepare to boogy on down.